"When Life's Hard ... Laugh Hard!"


Funny motivational speaker Devin Henderson takes humor seriously. He teaches that humor in the workplace isn’t just nice to have, it’s a must-have for any organization looking to boost overall creativity, productivity, camaraderie and fun. An organization with happy people makes happy customers. Devin isn’t just a funny speaker who makes people laugh, he helps people learn to engage their sense of humor as a useful life skill. If you’re looking for an interactive and funny motivational speaker to address humor in a way that will help your people deal with difficult situations and difficult people, Devin Henderson is the keynote speaker for you.

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Using humor to decrease stress and increase productivity.

Learn Devin’s “3-D Glasses of Comedy” method for finding the funny in almost any situation. Also, learn Devin’s SIT formula for when humor just isn’t working for you. These strategies help increase productivity and maintain sanity in the midst of a stressful and changing workplace. Stop losing your mind. Start finding the funny.


There are two kinds of leaders: “pickpockets” and “magicians.” Servant leaders abandon their pickpocket instincts and share their magic in a way that increases influence, embraces positivity and retains employees … yes, even millennials!


Alleviating frustration with innovation.

Innovation means staying relevant and to do so requires creativity and repeated failure. Devin’s career as a speaker/entertainer is proof that creating change is the only way to thrive in this “survival of the fittest” world we live in.

Why should you hire this motivational speaker?

You don’t just want a motivational speaker, you want a funny motivational speaker! You want your conference to open with not only an informative keynote speaker, but one who can engage the audience with laughter. After all, humor is memorable and is what makes the message memorable. Devin is a CSP, or Certified Speaking Professional, which means he is a keynote speaker who has officially been verified by the National Speakers Association for his longevity, his income, and his clients as a credible motivational speaker.

So what makes this funny motivational speaker funny?

Where do we start? Devin’s observational humor covers everything from dieting to technology to weird names for babies. But there is a rhyme and reason for his comedy. Devin uses these everyday, comical observations as metaphors for how to use humor to deal with life’s serious complications. Devin has been described as a motivational speaker who uses stand up comedy to help people laugh about their problems, and then do something about those problems.

Motivational speaker or entertainer?

You would think it would be enough for a motivational speaker to be funny, but Devin brings many skills to the stage: magic, mentalism, parody songs, and soccer freestyle. But Devin only uses these tools when it moves the message along for your tailored presentation. Devin is a speaker first, entertainer second. His extra skills don’t detract from his message, but help engage people so they can understand and retain his message all the better. But if you do happen to be looking for straight entertainment, check this out.