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Peak performance speaker Devin Henderson's signature keynote "Something Greater is Always Possible" helps people overcome perceived limits in their journey to greatness.

Greater relationships and greater rewards are results of organizations and individuals who maintain a possibility mindset, which never stops asking the question, "What else is possible?"

Devin delivers engaging, entertaining, interactive and heartfelt keynotes that get people fired up to pursue greater possibilities and achieve more than they could ever imagine.

Devin's message is EXACTLY what people need to hear during this challenging time our world is facing.

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Why should you hire this motivational speaker?

You don’t just want a motivational speaker, you want a funny motivational speaker! You want your conference to open with not only an informative keynote speaker but one who can engage the audience with laughter and audience interaction. Humor is memorable and is what makes the message stick. Devin is a CSP, or Certified Speaking Professional, which means he is a keynote speaker who has officially been verified by the National Speakers Association for his longevity, income, and clients as a credible motivational speaker.

So what makes this funny motivational speaker funny?

Where do we start? Devin’s observational humor covers everything from dieting to technology to weird names for babies, but there is a rhyme and reason for his comedy. Devin’s humorous stories serve as examples for laughing through life’s serious complications. He has been described as a corporate comedian who uses stand up comedy and magic to help people identify their problems, laugh in light of their struggles, and take actionable steps toward an improved performance.

Corporate Comedian: speaker or entertainer?

Is a corporate comedian a speaker or entertainer? With Devin, it’s one, the other or both. He is a corporate keynote speaker in terms of delivering a message with impact, but his messages are stinkin’ entertaining! So entertaining, in fact, he often gets booked for entertainment alone. When speaking, Devin’s extra talents don’t distract, they impact. Devin’s mad skills support his points and engage people so they understand and retain the message. So…use Devin as an entertaining keynote speaker, an entertainer only, or save money on hiring two people and have him fill both roles.