Virtual Mentalism Show

Rock out your virtual conference or meeting with Devin’s interactive, mind-blowing, and unforgettable livestream show!

Achieving Peak Performance

Discover how a “Possibility Mindset” can help the individuals in your organization achieve greater results than they have ever imagined possible.


Leadership Keynote Speaker Devin Henderson gets rave reviews from his clients about how he inspires and entertains their members.

Embracing Challenges and Leveraging Failure

Peak Performance Motivational Speaker Devin Henderson shares valuable life lessons he learned from his America’s Got Talent audition that can help people work through their toughest challenges. AGT = Acceptance. Grace. Thankfulness.

Successfully Starting or Starting Over

Peak performance motivational speaker Devin Henderson reveals three soccer juggling principles that can help you achieve your own goals and face your toughest challenges: start ugly, start small, and pick up the ball.

Using your Greatest Strengths to Impact Others

Leadership speaker Devin Henderson shares how everyone can make a difference by harnessing their potential for impact.

Using Humor to Deal with Stress

Funny motivational speaker Devin Henderson helps people “think like a comedian” by finding the funny in every day situations.

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