As a motivational speaker who speaks to inspire, it is always nice when the group I am speaking to inspires me in return. This past weekend I had the pleasure of presenting to the San Angelo, Texas police department. Before the engagement, I spoke with the chief on the phone and asked him what type of transformation they have  been focusing on as a department lately. He told me that recently they have been focusing on moving from a responding-oriented service to a policing service. This means that rather than simply reacting to people breaking the law, it is their goal to be more proactive when it comes to fighting crime. He said that there is more to being an officer than just putting bad guys in jail. In his message on their website, the chief says “the gun, badge, and handcuffs are secondary to community spirit, community interaction and community service.”

The department is obviously fulfilling its purpose. Click here to see what the residents of San Angelo are saying about their police force. As you read these testimonials from members of the community, it immediately becomes apparent that the officers are valued by the people they serve and protect. These men and women go above and beyond the call of duty as officers – as their missions statement says, they are committed to improving the quality of life in their community by policing in a professional and courteous manner.  Each officer brings his or her own magic to the community, and the result is that their crime rate has gone down 32% in the past year! Their goal is to become the safest city in the country – what a great Mark to Make! And what a great testimony to all of us, whatever our job may be, to become more service oriented in what we do.

Congratulations San Angelo Police Department on sharing your magic with your community and on a job well done!