I recently had the privilege of presenting to the hospice care workers of St. Luke’s South. The audience was filled with nurses, nursing students, volunteers, social workers, music therapists, pharmacists, chaplains and funeral directors. We looked at how schmoozing hospice patients also means schmoozing the families of the patients. By investing time in people, being a good listener and making themselves available, this, what I call “most  compassionate group of people in the world” can help people through the toughest part of life. After the presentation, one chaplain shared with me how he “Makes his Mark” on patients by carrying a Native American Flute with him which he plays for the patients. Another chaplain told me he connects with people through ordinary conversation before he ever tries to start spiritual conversations. It was a learning experience for me and it was neat to be in these people’s presence.

“We are so honored that we had the opportunity to have you present on the topic of schmoozing at our 6th annual conference. We have heard so many remarks from the attendees of how GREAT you were. We will hopefully book you again in the near future!”  –St. Luke’s Hospice

Hospice Staff from St. Luke's South
Hospice Staff from St. Luke’s South