I love being a Kansas City magician. Sure, it’s not Vegas, Atlantic City, or New York, but the great thing about being a Kansas City magician is that I am right in the middle of the country. I’ve performed in all four corners of the United States, and I’ve met some east coast performers who don’t perform on the west coast simply because it takes too long to get there.

I love Kansas City. Not only have I grown up here, most of my family is still here; not to mention, the demand for entertainers, speakers, magicians, etc. is striking once you are actively pursuing the market. I don’t think any performer could ever exhaust all of the possible contacts and networks in Kansas City, because many of my contacts have opened up opportunities around the country. To be honest, I do not aspire to ever be a regular magician in Vegas or Hollywood, because, as appealing and glorious as it may sound to some, I would not want to be stuck in one venue night after night. As I travel throughout Kansas City, the Midwest, and the nation, I have the opportunity to meet many wonderful people and see many wonderful places. This keeps things fresh and exciting.

I wouldn’t have it any different. Being a Kansas City magician does not bring any limitations to my career. Limitations only present themselves when one does not believe in oneself. I am living my dream and am excited about all of the possibilities the future holds. Thanks Kansas City – you’ve been very good to me!