Sometimes emails make my day. I recently had someone inquire with one of my past clients about my services, and my client copied me on her response (which was above and beyond). I thought it was worth sharing – so poetic! You can read it below. Since this individual is with a military-related organization, I have agreed to keep her identity and information confidential. 

I would definitely recommend Devin. He was amazing for the following reasons:

He is the entire package!

Devin Henderson was very professional; he provided his own “already made” contracts that were ready for my signature based upon verbal agreements, and agreements made via email.

He went above and beyond to provide a show built for our audience based on the information I provided him.

He was always available to communicate and speak about the show’s details.

He is a family, yet professional performer.

Devin Henderson’s personality was genuine, full, and attentive. He curved his show based on the reactions of the audience.

He is everything you would like for a show and more.

He is not just what you see on You Tube or on his DVD, he is an artist of talent!

We hired Devin Henderson as the last act of a long conference in hopes of lightening up the air and sending our people home laughing and remembering the day as a success! Many people were coming up to him after the show, wanting to know where else he performs. Devin Henderson was not the last act of the conference, HE WAS the conference! He represents himself well!

In an atmosphere where he might have felt out of place with the military, he arose to the top and provided an A+ performance!

I believe the environment may change around an artist, but an amazing artist does not change; they only develop new qualities of atmosphere.