We are on month three of “revealing” the 5 different types of magic that people possess. These types of magic are found in the word M.A.G.I.C. This takes us to the “G” in MAGIC, which stands for: gifts.

This is probably the easiest type of magic to identify. Magical gifts are not about the gifts you give, but the gifts you possess. What are your natural abilities, strengths, skills or God-given talents? Does your strength fall in the area of the arts, such as music, painting, or drama? Is it an athletic ability? Is it the gift of hospitality? Were you a born leader? Do you have a high IQ? Are you creative? Maybe you are the person on your team who always brings the best ideas to a project. The “gifts” area of magic means you were born with the potential to flourish in a certain area and in a special way.

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