Over the next few months I will be “revealing” the 5 different types of magic that people possess. These types of magic are found in the word M.A.G.I.C. This month we are starting with the “M” in magic, which stands for memorable.

“I remember you.  You’re the one who _______.” If you can fill in this blank because of what other people say to you, then your magic may fall under this category. Is there a special reason people remember you? How do you stand out from others? Are you funny? Are you a great storyteller? Are you both? Do you have a great personality? Do you like to serve people? Do you have a killer smile or an uncanny ability for remembering names? Maybe you have a quirk, an oddity or a disability. Perhaps you have a scar, whether inside or out, with an inspiring story behind it.

This is the staple magic category of the other four types of magic, because the other four types have the ability to make you memorable. Any positive trait people remember you for might be your magic. If you would like to learn more about the memorable category of magic and read about inspiring examples of people who possess memorable magic, take a look at my book, “Share Your Magic,” by clicking here.