Over the next few months I am “revealing” the 5 different types of magic that people possess. These types of magic are found in the word M.A.G.I.C. This is month #2 and we are on the “A” in MAGIC, which stands for: acts.

This category of magic is about acts of kindness, acts of generosity, and acts that come from the heart. Your giving is altruistic (giving or serving without expecting anything in return). Are you the gift basket person? Are you the person who can make people feel special with the small things? Have you developed a certain act of kindness that you have become known for over time?

You really enjoy doing these acts and they are not a burden to you. It comes completely natural and you enjoy giving more than you do receiving. Maybe you give money to people in need. You like to do these things in secret without receiving any credit. If this describes you, then your magic falls under the category of “Acts.” If you would like to learn more about the “acts” category of magic and read about inspiring examples of people who practice magical acts, take a look at my book, “Share Your Magic,” by clicking here.