My college campus shows have recently taken me from Danville, Kentucky, to Seattle, to the Bronx. I enjoy the college crowd and am looking forward to the shows we already have booked for next semester.

“Devin was great; the students enjoyed his performance and requested he be brought back to campus soon. Devin was very professional and easy to work with. It was very easy to set up for his show.”  Edith Saint Fleur, Coordinator for Academic and Social Programs, Monroe College (Bronx, NY)

“The show was amazing! Can’t wait to have you back!” Jessica Svedberg, Sports and Leisure Chair SAB, University of Washington, Tacoma

New Jersey Institute of Techology (Newark, New Jersey) – Orientation
Centre College (Danville, Kentucky)
Centre College (Danville, Kentucky) – Family Weekend
Paul Smiths College (Paul Smith's, New York)
Paul Smiths College (Paul Smith’s, New York) – Orientation