devin-shareThere are two kinds of people: magicians and pickpockets. As an entertainer, Devin Henderson is both. As a keynote speaker, Devin uses these concepts as metaphors to demonstrate the difference between how “magicians” and “pickpockets” operate in everyday life. Magicians and pickpockets are opposites. Magicians have a positive outlook. Pickpockets are negative. Magicians are team players. Pickpockets only play for self. Magicians fill you. Pickpockets suck the life from you. Magicians are the people you want to be around. Pickpockets are the people you try to avoid.

Character Innovation is about becoming less pickpocket-minded and more magician-minded. But Devin doesn’t just tell people how it’s done, he shows them! His award-winning magic communicates the importance of abandoning the pickpocket mentality at work, in life and otherwise. Without “shaming” the audience, Devin communicates that being a magician is good for you and those around youThe end message is clear: an environment of pickpockets dies, while an environment of magicians thrives.

Sometimes our character just needs a little “tune-up,” aka innovation. Devin brings laughs, magic and audience involvement to a serious message that “sticks” long after he has disappeared from the stage. He will help your people bring their magic to life, and bring life to your organization. Just be sure and hold onto your watch, or at least try! This presentation is often used as a breakout session in conjunction with Devin’s keynote message: Innovation or Bust.