What are corporate comedians? A corporate comedian is who you want when your company is looking to reward or inspire your team in an engaging, honorable and hilarious way. But what exactly is a corporate comedian? To answer that question, here are 10 factors you should expect when hiring a quality corporate comedian for your celebration or to spice up an otherwise potentially boring business meeting.

1. Clean
Corporate comedians are clean. The terms “corporate comedian” and “clean comedian” go hand-in-hand. It’s unbelievable how many corporate event planners have said, “Our comedian was inappropriate, dirty, and extremely offensive.” Do your homework before hiring and let your comedian know that clean humor is a number one priority. Furthermore, clearly define what clean means to you and your organization, because believe it or not, “clean” is relevant. Clarify which words are “bad” and address anything sex or bathroom related as that is almost always where clean is lost. When it comes to keeping it clean, communication is key.

2. Funny
Corporate comedians are funny. Duh, right? But again, do your homework and watch videos of comedians to make sure you are laughing, and more importantly that you can hear the audience laughing.

3. Original
Corporate comedians are original. You don’t want a cheap knock off of Jim Gaffigan or Brian Regan. In other words you don’t want a hack. Send sample videos to several people you trust, in and out of your organization, and ask the question: is this comedian’s material original?

4. Professional
Corporate comedians are professional. Ask comedians for references. Contact the references and ask if the comedian was professional at the event. Was he dressed properly? Did she adapt well to long-winded speeches or problems with the sound system? Also keep in mind that the level of professionalism your potential comedian displays on the phone, in emails and with social media is the same level of professionalism you can expect on stage.

5. Respectful
Corporate comedians are respectful. Any playful roasting of members, executives or competitors is passed by the planning committee. Respectful also means no poking fun at people with disabilities or deformations. It also means being respectful of the clock and not going way over the time allotted.

6. Credible
Corporate comedians are credible. Along with asking for referrals, do an exhaustive investigation of the comedian’s website. Check show description, bio, videos, corporate client list and testimonials, and blog and social media posts. Also, if you are searching for funny motivational speakers, check whether or not they have earned their CSP designation.

7. Relevant
Corporate comedians are relevant. In other words, they customize their material. Researching your organization and your people to ensure relevancy and strong connection with the crowd comes with the territory. The biggest laughs come when the people feel like the comedian knows who they are and what they do, as well as their biggest struggles and accomplishments.

8. Power Point-less
Corporate comedians don’t need power point. That’s not to say comedians should not use power point as a rule across the board, because some use it with success. However, a true corporate comedian should be funny and professional enough to carry on a show or presentation even if she does use power point and something goes wrong.

9. Multi-Talented
Many corporate comedians are multi-talented. In other words, they might also bring other skills to the stage. This one is a bonus. Whether it’s magic, parody songs, juggling or ventriloquism, multi-talented comedians are versatile and inevitably peak more interest in more members of your audience. This of course depends on what you’re looking for. Maybe you do just want a straight stand up style routine, but perhaps you want the stand up but with a touch of variety that brings an audience interactive element.

10. Inspiring
Corporate comedians may be inspiring because they have learning points or motivational content. In others words, some corporate comedians double as funny keynote speakers. This one is also a bonus. Not all corporate comedians have a message, but some of the most engaging keynote speakers have a background in comedy in some capacity. Funny stories are a memorable way to hit home lessons in business such as customer service, leadership and innovation.

The bottom line: do your homework when hiring a corporate comedian. The success of your event depends highly on your willingness to research on the front end. Good luck with your event and here’s to laughing hard!