These are just samples of Devin’s work. If you’re a meeting planner, request a full-length keynote presentation video and your dreams will come true (we’ll send ya the link).

Teaser Video

How do you make employees more happy and productive at work? One word: humor. Corporate comedian and humorist Devin Henderson helps people find humor in everyday situations.

Client Testimonials

Satisfied clients give the low-down on Corporate Comedian and Humorist Devin Henderson.

Find the Funny

Funny motivational speaker Devin Henderson helps people “think like a comedian” by finding the funny in every day situations.

Are You a Pickpocket?

Corporate comedian and humorist motivational speaker Devin Henderson draws on his past as a comedy magician and pickpocket entertainer to illustrate how there are two types of people: magicians and pickpockets. Great leaders abandon the pickpocket mentality and lead like magicians.

Share Your Magic

Corporate Comedian Devin Henderson uses a variety of talents onstage to encourage people to share their own “magic” and perform at their best in life.

Faith Interview

JUCE TV interviews funny motivational speaker Devin Henderson on all things faith, family and funny.

For more videos visit Devin’s YouTube channel.