Devin Henderson is a peak performance keynote speaker who helps organizations change their outlook, modify their habits and transform their results.
Devin's main focus is showing people how to leverage failure and disappointing circumstances to their advantage, but he also stresses the importance of humor and a servant mindset in the workplace. Here are Devin's keynote options...


Why is it so hard for organizations to effectively set goals and Heaven forbid actually achieve them? The same reasons it’s hard for individuals: fear of failure, lack of clarity, and not knowing where to start. Not to mention, beginning a new venture or process requires change and risk, neither which are privy to human beings. Navigating change, optimizing performance and achieving greater results requires clarity of vision and purpose. Through humor, illusion, soccer freestyle, and stories of perseverance, Devin can help your team get on the same page so they can approach new processes in a smart way and greatly increase their chances for success.


Laughter is the Best Medicine. That medicine is a neurotransmitter in the brain known as dopamine, aka the “happy hormone.” Dopamine regulates mood and motivation, which explains why people become moody and unmotivated when they lose their sense of humor. We prescribe a comedian-turned-speaker who provides people with insights into how comedians think so they may gain a healthy and humorous perspective when dealing with difficult people and stressful situations. Humor is imperative in change management, problem solving, conflict-resolution, communication, camaraderie and most importantly, FUN! Remember fun? While Devin’s keynote has the look and feel of a Netflix stand up comedy special, don’t be deceived. Along with laughing, the audience will walk away with concrete strategies for using humor to help maximize their overall performance. Stop losing your mind. Start finding the funny.


There are two types of leaders: pickpockets and magicians. “Pickpocket leaders” are a drain because of their bad attitude, rudeness, and tendency to bully. “Magician leaders” lift people up with their kind actions, thoughtful words and servant leadership mentality. Which kind of leader would you follow? In this hilarious and audience-interactive keynote, Devin displays his skills as a magician and pickpocket entertainer to illustrate how we have the opportunity to either drain or fill people in every interaction. When magician leaders use their knowledge, talents and common courtesies, aka their “magic,” to empower others, the result is motivated people, hard work, togetherness, joy, and ultimately, a healthy bottom line.