There are elements we all must DROP in, or out of, our habits to elevate excellence.
DROP down, have a look, and decide in which areas your people need the most help.
Based on your needs, Devin can go deeper with only one or two elements below, or touch on all three (which is typical). It's your call...


Take Less from People and get more from Life.

Using his award-winning magic and pickpocket skills, Devin demonstrates the reciprocity of kindness in the business world. Dropping the pickpocket mindset and picking up the magician mindset results in reaping the rewards of making people feel amazing using your own unique “magic.”

Make a shift from a “take” to a “give” mindset.

Learn how your talents can be used to impact others.


Epic Fails Lead to Epic Breakthroughs.

Devin has learned that failure isn’t a dead end, it’s just a fork in the road (like when he got X’d by Mel B and booted off America’s Got Talent). Learn how taking risks, “dropping the ball,” picking up the ball, and repeating that process makes you a winner…and may the fork be with you.

Pick up step-by-step strategies for accomplishing goals.

Learn to use failure to your advantage.


Picking up Perspective by Finding the Funny.

When comedians bring down the house, they drop the mic. Finding the funny in everyday life makes for “mic drop moments” that relieve tension for yourself and others. Devin shares how dropping the mic positively impacts attitude, performance and connection with whoever your “audience” may be.

Discover Devin’s “3-D Glasses of Comedy” method for finding the funny.

Learn Devin’s SIT strategy for the times humor isn’t getting the job done.