What are you looking for in a funny motivational speaker?
Devin covers three basic topics and customizes each keynote to fit your needs.


The Humor Approach to Stress Relief.

Let’s face it, the work environment can be totally nuts. Sometimes stress caused by change, difficult situations and difficult people make you want to slap somebody in the face or walk out the door for good, or both. And all the while you’re expected to get ‘er done. So what is the answer to handling stress, managing change, getting your reports in on time and not reverting to minor office altercations? For starters, the answer is humor.

Humor is a serious tool that has a funny impact. When people engage their sense of humor, they become better communicators, better problem solvers, better decision makers and better with conflict resolution. They are also more creative, more productive, more fun to be around, less stressed, healthier, fresher, and more open to new ideas.

Learn Devin’s “3-D Glasses of Comedy” method for finding the funny in almost any situation. Also, learn Devin’s SIT formula for when humor just isn’t working for you. These and other concrete strategies help increase productivity and maintain sanity in the midst of a stressful and changing workplace. Stop losing your mind. Start finding the funny.


The Servant Approach to Leadership.

There are two types of leaders: “pickpockets” and “magicians.” Pickpockets want the power. Magicians empower others. Pickpockets fight for the closest parking spot. Magicians give up the closest parking spot. Pickpockets manipulate others to get what they want. Magicians practice The Golden Rule by sharing their “magic” with others. Servant leaders abandon their pickpocket instincts and share their magic in a way that increases influence, embraces positivity and retains employees.

Devin doesn’t just tell people how pickpockets and magicians differ, he shows them! His award- winning magic and pickpocketing skills are metaphors that challenge people to abandon the pickpocket mentality at work and in life. The message is simple: the better you make life for others, the better your life will be. The fun part of being a “magician” is putting your talents and passions into action. Whether it’s an uplifting word, a smile or your ability to yodel, sharing your magic means making people feel special in your own special way. Devin will help your people bring their magic to life, and bring life to your organization.


The Risk-Taking Approach to Success.

Is your past a series of broken dreams, regrets and failures? Devin can relate. If your life story is riddled with phrases like “If I would’ve just,” “I was so close,” and “I can’t believe I didn’t,” there’s hope. The first question to ask yourself is…”What did I learn from those experiences?”

Valuing failure, rather than fearing it, is the difference between winners and wanna-be’s. Strong organizations encourage, rather than discourage, new ideas. Innovators embrace failure and always press on when the road gets complicated.

Devin’s biggest career setback was “failing” his America’s Got Talent audition for Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel. But he believes failure isn’t a dead end, it’s just a fork in the road. Through sharing a few of his life’s epic fails, Devin teaches how failure can help get you where you want to go. And may the fork be with you.