Devin’s keynote messages are as informative as they are funny! He teaches people how they can use humor in everyday situations to perform at their best at work and have more fun in the process. Topics include ...


Managing Stress and Change with Humor.

Humor is a serious tool that has a funny impact. When people engage their sense of humor, they become better communicators, better problem solvers, better decision makers and better with conflict resolution. They are also more creative, more productive, more fun to be around, less stressed, healthier, fresher, and more open to new ideas. This is not a program about red clown noses, squirting flowers and whoopee cushions. It is about people being less stressed, more productive, and happier in their work. And happy employees means a more effective business and a better bottom line.

Attendees will learn to look at their problems in a new light and deal with them in a healthy way. They will learn Devin’s mantra of “When life’s hard, laugh hard!” Devin will have your people laughing in their chairs and all the way back to work. They will find their funny bone and make the workplace more pleasant and more profitable. Humor is not an option when it comes to productivity, it is a necessity. Are your people too uptight, serious when they don’t need to be and unhappy in their work? Whether you lead a team or serve clients, humor is one of the greatest gifts you can bring to the people around you. Devin will bring the gift of humor to your conference or meeting and teach your attendees how to gift it to others. Success in any organization starts with a few chuckles, and chuckles trickle all the way to the bottom line.


Creativity and Innovation.

As Devin says: “Failure is never a dead end. It is always a fork in the road. May the fork be with you.” Often times dozens of options must be tried in order to find a winning idea. In other words, risk-taking, with a smart approach, is a key component of any successful process. Valuing failure, rather than fearing it, is the difference between winners and wanna-be’s. By definition, innovation is a new idea, method or device. Being innovative doesn’t mean you need a Thomas Edison or Steve Jobs brain, but it does require creativity. Strong organizations encourage, rather than discourage, new ideas. Innovators embrace failure and always “fork-on” when the road gets complicated.

“Failing to Succeed” helps professionals experience breakthrough by working as a team and facing change head on. Devin shares how his career as an entertainer has required continual self-reinvention. While the specifics look slightly different from meeting professionals to HR directors and philanthropists to stay-at-home parents, innovation at its core is an attitude. Devin gives people a push toward an innovative mindset to help them spark their creativity in all aspects of life. In the end, innovation is all about staying relevant in an ever-changing world.


Servant Leadership and Teamwork.

There are two kinds of people: pickpockets and magicians. As an entertainer, Devin Henderson is both. As a motivational speaker, Devin uses his skills to demonstrate the difference between pickpockets and magicians in everyday life. Pickpockets suck the life from you. Magicians fill you up. Pickpockets play for self. Magicians are team players. Pickpockets manipulate others to get what they want. Magicians practice The Golden Rule by sharing their “magic” with others.

Devin doesn’t just tell people how pickpockets and magicians differ, he shows them! His award- winning magic challenges people to abandon the pickpocket mentality at work and in life. The message is simple: the better you make life for others, the better your life will be. The fun part of being a “magician” is putting your talents and passions into action. Whether it’s an uplifting word, a smile or some long-lost talent, sharing your magic means making people feel special in your own special way. Devin will help your people bring their magic to life, and bring life to your organization.