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Girl Talk

Oct 21 '15

Girl Talk

As expected, our lovely girls keep talking.

They recently graced us with these gems...


Claire, age 8

• Are the lions at the zoo notarized?
• The problem with you guys is you never give us enough ice cream. Even though I can never get enough ice cream.
• Why do we repeat the worship songs so many times? Hasn't God gotten enough glory?
• I don't really like Porta potty's, but the smell somehow kind of smells good.
• Mommy, I want to marry someone like Dad.
• I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. I have a good voice, I don't just wanna waste it in meetings.

Charlotte, age 5

• Sometimes I see 2 butterflies attached to each other.
• This tea tastes like rotten pee.
• If we didn't have ears, could we hear our own thoughts?
• Daddy, is it ok if Grandma and Grandpa see your p****?
• Dad you have a teency head.
• We can't say "Oh my D-O-G."
• Are there any black gum balls in this world?
• Siamese Twins are creepy. The Siamese cats are even creepier. But normal twins are okay I guess.

Cambry, age 3

• Daddy when I grow up I want to be a magic show girl just like you.
• Daddy, I love you because your name is "Henderson."
• Charlotte said not to say "stupid" so I'm trying my best.
• Mom, you're welcome to be in our family if you be nice.
• Daddy I'm going to punch you in the peanut.
• Daddy, how was your day?
• Daddy, you're the best daddy in the whole wide world.
• Elsie's just a stupid baby that came from Mommy's tummy.

Elsie, age 1

• Dada (first words)


Comments (2)
  1. Lane Sekavec says:

    Just got a chance to look at your website after a few months and saw the “Sylvan Lights” trick. Liked the story because I know exactly where Sylvan Grove is. I grew up a ways south of Sylvan Grove (Hoisington) but worked at the radio station in Russell while I was in college. Sylvan Grove was regularly covered and mentioned in the news and sports reports there.

    • Devin Henderson says:

      Cool Lane! We always love going back to the farm for a great time. And you’ll probably notice I exaggerated the truth about Sylvan. They don’t really have 1 traffic light, they don’t have any at all!