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Mini Book

You are a magician, whether you know it or not! Your unique strengths and talents can create magical experiences for others. What is your magic? Is it your inspiring story or your bright personality? Do you sing or make people laugh? How do you use your magic to add value to others’ experiences?

In this book, learn how to live happier by performing at your best. Devin Henderson is a multi award-winning magician whose real magic is helping individuals and organizations discover, develop and deliver their own magical methods for success (Pocketsize book, 100 pages).



PDF: $6

Comedy DVD

Comedy DVD

Two Left Hands

On this DVD you’ll find five daughter madness, Dirty Hippie soap, birthing children in water like a “whale” and other craziness from Devin Henderson’s live stand-up comedy show. Also includes a bonus interview with JUCE TV. Total running time: 60 minutes.

DVD: $6

3.14 I Finished a Pie

3.14 I Finished a Pie

Window Decal

Window Decal: $6