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Oct 18 '15

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I’m Buyin’

Learn how to instantaneously change a $1 bill to a $100! Corporate entertainer and Kansas City magician Devin Henderson helps you learn magic tricks that you can perform anywhere! Subscribe to learn more tricks!

Aug 6 '15

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Sylvan’s Lights

Learn a trick with a knife! Okay, a butter knife...but still. For all aspiring young (and old) Kansas City Magicians in the making, I hope you enjoy mastering this trick!

Jun 30 '15



devin-shareThere are two kinds of people: magicians and pickpockets. As an entertainer, Devin Henderson is both. As a keynote speaker, Devin uses these concepts as metaphors to demonstrate the difference between how "magicians" and "pickpockets" operate in everyday life. Magicians and pickpockets are opposites. Magicians have a positive outlook. Pickpockets are negative. Magicians are team players. Pickpockets only play for self. Magicians fill you. Pickpockets suck the life from you. Magicians are the people you want to be around. Pickpockets are the people you try to avoid.

Character Innovation is about becoming less pickpocket-minded and more magician-minded. But Devin doesn’t just tell people how it's done, he shows them! His award-winning magic communicates the importance of abandoning the pickpocket mentality at work, in life and otherwise. Without "shaming" the audience, Devin communicates that being a magician is good for you and those around youThe end message is clear: an environment of pickpockets dies, while an environment of magicians thrives.

Sometimes our character just needs a little "tune-up," aka innovation. Devin brings laughs, magic and audience involvement to a serious message that "sticks" long after he has disappeared from the stage. He will help your people bring their magic to life, and bring life to your organization. Just be sure and hold onto your watch, or at least try! This presentation is often used as a breakout session in conjunction with Devin’s keynote message: Innovation or Bust.

Apr 28 '15

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So Devin’s a CSP, but what’s that mean?

cspWhat is CSP? The Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation is the speaking industry's international measure of speaking experience and skill. CSP is conferred by the National Speakers Association on those who have earned it by meeting strict criteria. The letters CSP following a speaker's name indicate a speaking professional with proven experience who knows how to deliver client satisfaction.

Why Hire a CSP? It will make your job easier! The success of your meeting will be judged largely on the caliber and professionalism of the presenter you select. Choosing a CSP maximizes your opportunity of providing a speaker with a message that will focus, elevate and enhance the mission of your meeting and stick firmly in the memories, attitudes and action plans of your attendees.

Other Reasons CSPs are a Big Deal: Only about 12% of speakers worldwide hold this professional designation. Each CSP has received excellent ratings from past clients on professional performance evaluations. In addition, sufficient financial income from speaking professionally confirms the value clients place on the CSP's expertise.

"CSP is an insurance policy toward the meeting planner's success. The CSP designator is a qualifier in the mind of the astute planner."

Brad Plumb, CMP, National Speakers Bureau, Inc.

Jan 27 '15

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Bill Tear

Learn how to tear a hole in a dollar bill...then make the hole disappear! For all aspiring young (and old) Kansas City Magicians in the making, I hope you enjoy mastering this trick!

Nov 10 '14

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Jumping Band (Extreme)

For all of my fellow young (and old) Kansas City Magicians in the making, I hope you enjoy mastering this trick! Jumping Band (extreme): Learn the ol' rubber band trick... with a twist!

Jun 23 '14

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Something Beautiful

A message of plans, processes and progress (if you are offended by spiritual content, please do not view this video).


Jun 23 '14

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Perfect Matches

Devin teaches you the penetrating matchsticks trick.


Apr 9 '14

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Sinbad Selfie!

Devin had a great time sharing the stage with Sinbad to help raise nearly $300,000 for Young Variety KC.


Feb 6 '14

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Top 10 Things NOT to say to a Wife with Morning Sickness

That's right! We're pregnant with number... 4... I think. And as usual Lynn gags every time she changes a diaper or thinks of Hamburger Helper. Now that I've been around the block a time or two with first trimesters, I have some wisdom to pass along to you men who are lucky enough to not have learned such things as of yet.

These are the top 10 things you never say to a wife with morning sickness...

10. How ya feeling honey?
9. What's for breakfast? What's for lunch? What's for dinner?
8. Say cheese!
7. I had a rough day.
6. What do you weigh today, babe?
5. But your best friend ate well and stayed in shape while she was pregnant.
4. It's Tuesday and the kids are in bed (wink wink).
3. All the other women I talk to say they never get morning sickness.
2. You know, we'll save like $750 bucks if you don't get an epidural.
1. You're eating another Chalupa!?


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