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Jun 18 '10

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Speaking for the SSA

June 1st I had the privilege of presenting Schmooz'em or Lose'em to managers within the Social Security Administration. Schmoozing is the art of connecting with people in a special way, and is therefore useful in any profession. However, I specialize in speaking to sales reps, customer service reps, managers and those with an entrepreneurial-based occupations (real-estate agents, insurance agents, etc.). When speaking to managers, the focus of my training is how to motivate employes by properly expressing appreciation and the feeling of importance.


Speaking to managers in the SSA.

Handing back a few stolen items.

Handing back a few stolen items.

Jun 15 '10

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Old Shawnee Days a Success!

We packed the tent for all four Mind Madness performances at Old Shawnee Days! It was great to see so many familiar faces in the crowd - thank you to all who came out to support me. The planner said they want to have me again next year, so I will be looking forward to doing it all over again.




Taking in the sights and sounds of Old Shawnee Days between shows. (Left to right) My nephew Matthew, my sister Gretchen, my daughter Claire, and me.


I grew up at Old Shawnee Days, and so will my kids. This is my wife Lynn and I with our daughters Claire and Charlie.