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Dec 23 '09

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College Campus Shows

My college campus shows have recently taken me from Danville, Kentucky, to Seattle, to the Bronx. I enjoy the college crowd and am looking forward to the shows we already have booked for next semester.

“Devin was great; the students enjoyed his performance and requested he be brought back to campus soon. Devin was very professional and easy to work with. It was very easy to set up for his show.”  Edith Saint Fleur, Coordinator for Academic and Social Programs, Monroe College (Bronx, NY)

“The show was amazing! Can’t wait to have you back!” Jessica Svedberg, Sports and Leisure Chair SAB, University of Washington, Tacoma


New Jersey Institute of Techology (Newark, New Jersey) - Orientation

Centre College (Danville, Kentucky)

Centre College (Danville, Kentucky) - Family Weekend

Paul Smiths College (Paul Smith's, New York)

Paul Smiths College (Paul Smith's, New York) - Orientation

Dec 21 '09

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Elite Sounds DJ Service

Craig Loftus of  Elite Sounds is Kansas City's premier DJ. After being nominated for KMBC's Alist, Craig was voted best DJ among about 20 others in Kansas City. Craig and I worked the same corporate party last year and then again a few weeks ago. He is amazing and you can check him out on the web at

Dec 18 '09

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Ad in ‘Lakehomes & Lifestyle’

Click here to see an ad about my Magic-Motivational presentation in the Kansas City magazine 'Lakehomes & Lifestyle.' The ad will appear in the January/February issue.

Dec 18 '09

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Bancability Road Show

This summer I had the pleasure of working with a wonderful group of people: the Bancability Group of Bankers. You can recognize them by their green leaf logo, whether it's just above your head on the doorway entrance of your bank or way above your head on their hot air balloon. They introduced mobile banking to their customers this past June, and I had the pleasure of accompanying them as they made rounds to many of their banks to introduce the launch to their employees. We did more than 20 shows in one week, and the purpose of them bringing me along was to introduce mobile banking in a fun and unique way - through mentalism. They introduced me as one of their techs from Jack Henry, and we had them all fooled until I started reading minds and bending silverware. We had a great time and I made some great friends along the way. Click here to see the newsletter they put out after the roadshow, and consider banking with the bancability group of banks - be sure to ask about opening up a 'High & Free' account. Visit

The Bancability Roadshow gang: Amber, myself, Carolyn & Pat

The Bancability Roadshow gang: Amber, myself, Carolyn & Pat

Dec 18 '09

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Creative Carnivals & Events, LLC

The majority of the shows I book in Kansas City I book through myself. However, there are a few different agencies and event planning organizations in Kansas City that book me on a regular basis. One of these is Creative Carnivals and Events, LLC (visit their site here), and they do a wonderful job planning events. Today they hired me for another event for CBIZ, their fourth time hiring me for the company, and we had a great time. Creative Carnivals & Events hires all types of performers, and today I met Javier Gonzalez, who CC&E hired as a caricature artist for the party. He is amazing! Check out his caricature of me...

by caricature artist Javier Gonzalez of Creative Carnivals & Events

by caricature artist Javier Gonzalez of Creative Carnivals & Events

Dec 17 '09

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Kansas City magician

I love being a Kansas City magician. Sure, it's not Vegas, Atlantic City, or New York, but the great thing about being a Kansas City magician is that I am right in the middle of the country. I've performed in all four corners of the United States, and I've met some east coast performers who don't perform on the west coast simply because it takes too long to get there.

I love Kansas City. Not only have I grown up here, most of my family is still here; not to mention, the demand for entertainers, speakers, magicians, etc. is striking once you are actively pursuing the market. I don't think any performer could ever exhaust all of the possible contacts and networks in Kansas City, because many of my contacts have opened up opportunities around the country. To be honest, I do not aspire to ever be a regular magician in Vegas or Hollywood, because, as appealing and glorious as it may sound to some, I would not want to be stuck in one venue night after night. As I travel throughout Kansas City, the Midwest, and the nation, I have the opportunity to meet many wonderful people and see many wonderful places. This keeps things fresh and exciting.

I wouldn't have it any different. Being a Kansas City magician does not bring any limitations to my career. Limitations only present themselves when one does not believe in oneself. I am living my dream and am excited about all of the possibilities the future holds. Thanks Kansas City - you've been very good to me!

Dec 16 '09

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Big Boys Toy Show 2009

This past summer I had the pleasure of performing magic once again at the annual Big Boys Toy Show. The event hosted by Kansas City's Sports Radio 810 was held in downtown Kansas City this year in the Power & Light District. It had been five years since I had worked this event, and I had a great time performing at the V.I.P. party, as well as in the pro athletes autograph line. The line-up included former Kansas City Royals pitcher Jeff Montgomery, center-fielder Brian McRae, and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and NFL hall of famer Len Dawson.

Len Dawson

Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Famer Len Dawson and Kansas City's former FOX 4 sports broadcaster Frank Boal.

Former Kansas City Royals center fielder Brian McRae.

Former Kansas City Royals center fielder Brian McRae.

The legendary John Mayberry.

The legendary John Mayberry.

Jeff Montgomery

Former Kansas City Royals pitcher Jeff Montgomery (on left).